On the ‘Net, the Closet Path Between Two Points is Frank Sinatra

Here is a hilarious email I received from the woman who recorded the title track to my podcast, Heltzer Seltzer, about her Aunt and Uncle in Phili.

Hey Barry-
Happy Hannukah! I wanted to wish you well and tell you
a little story. I thought it was funny.
I’m visiting Philadelphia for Hannukah right now and
yesterday my Aunt and Uncle called. They said they
were looking up Frank Sinatra on iTunes for a DVD they
were making for my sick grandmother, and they came
across “something about seltzer” by Barry Joseph the
Effervescent Jew. They thought it was funny so they
wanted to see what it was. When they heard me singing
they thought they had accidentally opened up one of my
mp3s on their computer, but no, it was me. My aunt
said “THAT is Melissa, I know that voice.” Sure enough
it was. She thought the production sounded great, and
I said, oi, I gotta write to Barry.
Hope your celebrating the victory of the Maccabees in
style. Stay carbonated!

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