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Seltzer Bottlers of Staten Island

I happened to be celebrating July 4th today with my family at Old Richmond Town, the historic preservation on Staten Island. I was surprised and delighted to find, within their museum, a history of seltzer bottling and beer brewing on the island, starting out with this exhibit below. And they mentioned the conflict between the two industries, which is exactly the subject of the current section I have been laboring over this past month!
Note, this was a factory that manufactured not bottles (that was left to Europe) but the seltzer heads.
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A new type of siphon: Bariloche Seltzer

Big thanks to Maureen for turning me on to a new type of seltzer siphon inspired by Argentinian practices: the recycled plastic bottle converted to seltzer siphon.
From their site:

Bariloche is named after San Carlos de Bariloche which is a city in the province of Río Negro, Argentina, situated in the foothills of the Andes. The name Bariloche comes from the Mapudungun word Vuriloche meaning “people from behind the mountain” (furi = behind, che = people).
Bariloche is the only seltzer in the United States to come in a recyclable plastic siphon bottle. Since this bottle is never opened, the seltzer can stay fresh for months as opposed to a capped bottle which loses its carbonation within a few days of opening.
Bariloche comes in a 2 liter bottle and a case contains 6 bottles

Unlike traditional siphons, which you can only get direct from the handful of delivery men or bottling plants which remain, these can be purchased from stores, listed on their site.
If you drink Bariloche, please post a review!