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Two New Articles by me this week on Seltzer Men

Oops! I have been so busy with the book and the Facebook group, I have neglected the blog. Sorry!
Last week I had a top of the fold, front page article in the Jewish Week. That was very nice. It is an interview with Walter Backerman, seltzerman extraordinaire. As if that were not enough, there is a second piece from me interviewing Alex Gomberg, the newest and youngest seltzerman in the country. Finally, as a blast from the past, I will include a fantastic NPR seltzer piece I came across from the 70s.
Time in a Bottle: Meet Walter Backerman, the third generation in a dynasty of ‘seltzer men,’ and one of the last of a breed. [link]

21s-Century Seltzer Man: A young Brooklynite with a vintage business.[link]
Marty – the Seltzer Man – NPR, 1979

More on Walter Backerman – BBC and NHK

Walter has been sending me great material documenting his work, as he is a media hound and a lightening rod for anyone interested in the topic.
Here is a radio piece on the BBC from last March. Start at 18:30.
From July 5- July 10, 2007, a Japanese TV crew followed Walter for a piece that ran on July 28, 2007. Walter, who gave me this video and asked me to share it online, says it was viewed by 10 million people.

“The Route is the Route” – A Day with Walter Backerman, Seltzerman Supreme

Yesterday, after waiting for many years, I finally had the incredible opportunity to spend the day alongside Walter Backerman, who runs the nearly 100 year-old route. He was tremendously generous with both his time and opinions.

I have HOURS of interview now to transcribe but, in the meantime, below are some photos and video from the day:
Some photos from the day.
A video of a delivery.
A video of his bottle collection.