First Podcast Complete

I was up late last night, a little TOO late, completing the edits to my first podcast for I’ve been involved in web design for over ten years now and I have to say I haven’t felt anything like this since I launched that first web site back in May, 1995. I get that thrill in my gut that I am watching something new begin, and I have the privledge to be there at the start.

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The Jew in the Bottling Business, Editorial, 1903

I look forward to writing more about the generous offices of Beverage World, the oldest continuous publication related to the bottling industry. Founded as the National Bottlers’ Gazette at the end of the 19th century, its creator was a charismatic and effusive writer, whose editorials are often a gas to read. However, neither the content of its editorials or the magazine ever referred to anyone by religion or race, at least not in the few decades of issues I thumbed through. That is, except for this editorial, published in July, 1903, which I learned of from a former Beverage World Executive Editor, Greg Prince (to whom I will now always be in debt).

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The Effervescent Age