An Egg Cream Bar Mitzvah

Below is a lovely story shared by Joan Sussman about replacing an open bar with Egg Creams!

I used to schlep cases of glass seltzer bottles up from my cousin in NJ who had it delivered by Joy Beverage
I heard your presentation at Ahavath Sholom and it got me thinking that the last time I had seltzer in glass bottles
was 10 years ago when we brought up 10 cases of seltzer for my son’s bar mitzvah. We decided against serving liquor
as getting a liquor license for the day was exorbitant, we only had wine for kiddush and served seltzer mixed drinks.
We also served egg creams, It was a hit! No one missed an open bar. I thought just the kids would want egg creams but alas
everyone wanted them. Kept running out of chocolate syrup & milk and the bartender kept running out, literally,
for milk & chocolate syrup.

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