Feed My Info Porn Addiction: Enter My Online Bibliography

Last Fall I wrote about being amazed at how much research has changed since I first began this project. Five years ago my challenge was finding the slightest reference to seltzer, seeking the proverbial needle in the haystack.
Now, with Google Books, they’ve given me a new problem. Serving as a magnet pulling the needles all together, I have TOO MUCH information. Thus, feeding my info porn addiction, it’s hard to know when to say “I have enough.”
I imagined at the time that in the future people who write books and papers will be expected to link to their collection of resources on Google Books. I didn’t realize it would come to pass in just a few weeks!
So, with little further adieu, here is the start of my public bibliography of primary and secondary sources on seltzer. Enjoy. And then, if you write fast than I, write your own book on seltzer (and thank me in the credits for the groundwork).

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