My appearance on episode 29 of Tell Me Something I Don’t Know competing with The Origins of Seltzer

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know is a lovely podcast from the Dubner-side of the incredible Freakonomics Team (Stephen J. Dubner, that is).

Framed as a “new kind of game show,” Dubner gathers some guest hosts, a funny fact-checker, and then a group of people who know a lot about one thing. I’m one of those people who know a lot about one thing. Can you guess what I spoke about?

We each took turns presenting something the guests, supposedly, don’t know anything about. Questions are asked. Jokes are made. Then at the end one of us is voted the most interesting of the night.

It was super fun to do and everyone there was amazing. It was also incredible to meet Dubner, as at least one chapter in my upcoming book takes its detective approach from Freakonomics.

The entire podcast can be listened to here, and you should listen to it, but I also have a video of just my segment, which you can watch below. Enjoy.

I might not have “won” that night but I know, if you’re reading this, that I will always have your vote.

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