Next week, I hit the big time

That’s right, on June 14, at 6pm. I’m going to be on  the most powerful 500 watt station In America. It’s 1460 AM’s very own IN FOCUS With Dr. Dan & Friends on WVOX.

The photo below tells the whole story.

In the bottom is my daughter, wearing her baseball jersey, as we had just finished her game to pick up a present at the local comic store. She is in fact reading her free Wonder Woman comic, as it turned out to be Wonder Woman day (the new film opened the day before, and the store’s celebration included a women dressed as the superhero). Exiting the store, this man with a camera approached our whole family, inviting us to return inside as he writes for the Queens Gazette and he wanted us to pose with Wonder Woman. Which we did. And then after, when I mentioned Seltzertopia, he put away his camera, took out a microphone, and proceeded to interview me, on the spot (above) about the book, for his 6pm radio show.

And there you have it – how my daughter’s baseball, a local comic book store, and a cosplaying Wonder Woman got Seltzertopia and me into AM radio.

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