Seltzercast 08: A Post-NonApocalyptic Seltzer Song

Bring on the Y2K seltzer song! Specifically, this Post-NonApocalyptic seltzer song, by Tom7. Today we not only listen to the song but we interview the man behind it and ask him just what he was thinking…

Seltzercast 08: A Post-NonApocalyptic Seltzer Song
Time: Segment: Notes:
00:00 Station ID WEVD
00:08 A Guy Walks Into A Deli From Ben’s Deli, in Woodbury, NY
00:14 Theme Song: Helter Seltzer By Noemi Altman, Performed by Melissa Kaplan
01:01 Seltzer Music Allan Sherman’s Seltzer Boy
01:27 Opening Lou Reed’s Egg Cream
03:23 Segment 1: Tom7‘s Y2K Seltzer Song Seltzer Song: Behind the Scenes
18.34 A Moment of Spritz Teeth Brushing
18:45 Station ID WHN Signing Out

19:10 minutes |

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