A Home-Installed Seltzer Faucet

Carol from Chicago sent in her recollections of growing up with a home-installed seltzer faucet.

      My father, too, had a seltzer fetish, and in 1956, when he built our first house, the kitchen sink in addition to the hot and cold spigots had an ice water spigot as well as a huge u-shaped seltzer dispenser. This unit was the same used in those days in soda fountains (are you old enough to know what that term mean)?
      Under the sink was a tank of CO2 that occasionally had to be replaced when empty. He then removed it and took it to a neighbor, the East Chicago, Indiana, Pepsi bottling plant, where the tank was graciously refilled. I grew up drinking seltzer from this dispenser. My father’s name was Joseph. It is innately in the name that Josephs must have their seltzers?
      Unfortunately for my Dad, the seltzer dispenser did not last as long as he intended to use it. I think by the time I was in Jr. High, it had no longer worked, and parts were obsolete, and he never replaced the system.
      You hit it right on the head, referring in your article the reason Dad used Seltzer. He felt it helped him with a good “greps” (burp).
    Thanks for a great reminder about my dad, who died when I was 19 in 1970. LeChaim!

Does anyone else have tales of home-installed seltzer faucets? I wonder how many were out there. So far I have heard of two, one in Chicago now and a second in Huntington, Long Island.

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