Sexy Seltzer?

Sexy seltzer? Who would have thunk it. Well, I learned more than I expected from the following Israeli email I just received.

I received a very nice email from a Ted in Israel, letting me know he learned about the site from an article in Ha Aretz. I still have yet to track it down, but he happenend to mention, in an offhand casual sort-of way:
“The word ‘spritz’ here, by the way, is pronounced ‘shpritz’ and has a very sexy connotation.”
I wrote back and replied:
“Sexy? Really? That is news to me. Please tell me more.”
He certainly did:

Well, you asked for it:
There’s a Hebrew “slang” word, a verb — l’ha’shpritz. It means to
I guess one could use it in Hebrish: “I shpritzed too early.”
There, now you know.
Keep it up (the research, I mean).

Thanks Ted!

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