Live Online Reading from the upcoming book, Give Me Seltzer

At 10 p.m. EST this evening, if the fates allow, I will be reading the draft of the opening section from my book project, Give Me Seltzer.
More information on the event, and a link to the text, here.
Below will be the live video of my reading, followed by a space to chat with others during the reading.
The video will remain posted, in archive, for one week, and will then be removed.

And if you want to watch it while participating in a live chat with other listeners, go here.

2 thoughts on “Live Online Reading from the upcoming book, Give Me Seltzer”

  1. Barry, did I tell you that my Great,great,great,great, grandfather Maximilian Hanchen was one of the “Wellmasters” in Niederselters in the mid 1800s? It’s true! I got those little bubbles running in my veins to prove it :))).

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