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Welcome Gastropod listeners!

If you are coming to Seltzertopia through the recent Gastropod episode, welcome!

For the past decade I have been writing the first book on seltzer, detailing both its fascinating history as well as the remarkable people who are leading us today towards what I like to call Seltzertopia. I have an agent and we are currently seeking the right publishing house.

This blog is where I put out the big stories or book updates. For a more regular stream please join the community on Facebook or Twitter.

Call Me

I LOVE to hear from people. Let me know what’s on your mind. Do you want to tell me a seltzer story? Direct me towards some research? Tell me how much you love the podcast? Then please leave a message at 1-(718)-701-0398. A digital version of your message will then be sent to me, which I can listen and consider for inclusion either on the site or in an upcoming podcast.
I want to hear from you!