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Seltzer: A Poem

Yesterday I was at the Future of StoryTelling festival, which, among fantastic virtual reality experiences and interactive theater, offered roaming creative acts. Which is how I found myself at the POEMS To Order station, ordering a seltzer-themed poem.

Sitting in the field, on this unusually mid-70s warm October day, it was amazing to watch GennaRose create, out of the blue, a seltzer-themed poem.

GennaRose at Work

Within two minute, GennaRose read me the following poem:

Pretty amazing, huh? “Beyond it all, is the call, of the river dreaming up clouds.”

Dreams up your own clouds! Send me your seltzer poems. Tell me what seltzertopia means to you. (Me, I’m working on the first seltzer rap…)

Here’s the full gorgeous text she handed me at the end:

The text of the seltzer poem

Fantastic New Video on a Seltzerman: Remember These Days

Remember These Days, by Frederic Menou, Galen Clarke, and Marian Liu, promoted on, is a new and fantastic video on Walter Backerman, one of the most famous active seltzermen. This is probably the best seltzer videos I have seen.

For Walter Backerman, seltzer is more than a drink. It is the embodiment of his family.
Standing in the kitchen of his Parkside Hills home in New York, Walter Backerman holds a picture of his father and grandfather.
As a third generation seltzer man, he follows parts of the same cobblestone route his grandfather began in 1920s Manhattan.
Walter maintains a collection of more than seven thousand antique bottles that he circulates to his customers. Many bear the family name, a tribute to his father and his grandfather before him.
Now, after 90 years of the Backermans being in the business, Walter knows all too well that he may be the last of the family’s seltzer men. Watch the video below to meet Walter and find out more about what his family’s seltzer legacy means to him.

Kelly Fox’s Favorite Chldhood Memory of Growing-up in a Chocolate Syrup Family

H. Fox and Company was founded in 1900 and is best known for their U-bet chocolate syrup, known as an essential ingredient in any egg cream. Kelly Fox, who now runs H. Fox and Company with his dad (it was founded by his great-grandfather), recounts his fondest memory growing up around the factory and how, unfortunately, the Oompah-Loompas no longer give tours.

First Podcast Complete

I was up late last night, a little TOO late, completing the edits to my first podcast for I’ve been involved in web design for over ten years now and I have to say I haven’t felt anything like this since I launched that first web site back in May, 1995. I get that thrill in my gut that I am watching something new begin, and I have the privledge to be there at the start.

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